Breast cancer awareness month shines light on treatment

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October is not only an opportunity to raise money for research and programs to support patients, but also a chance to review progress on new treatment options, including the role medical cannabis could play.

Breast cancer is caused by an overgrowth of cells forming a lump or tumour and invading surrounding tissue. It may remain localized or metastasize and spread to other systems of the body. Both female and male breasts may develop cancerous tumours, but breast cancer is more common in women.

Currently, rates of breast cancer in the United States are about 12%, or 1 in 8, women; around 2.6% of those, or 1 in 38 women, will die as a result. While diagnosis rates have been stable over the last 50 years, survival rates are improving due to increased awareness, early detection, and advances in treatment: 89.9% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive for at least

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