New product launch: Tilray All-in-One THC Vape Pen

Tilray’s new all-in-one THC Vape Pen provides fast-acting effects from THC.

The THC Vape Pen is an all-in-one device contains a broad spectrum, high-potency THC concentrate. No charging device, grinders or other tools needed – the vape pen is breath-activated, which means you simply inhale and wait five to 10 minutes for the cannabinoids to take effect.

We’re excited to offer our patients this high-potency THC vape pen as an additional fast-acting choice for their medical cannabis needs.

Each discrete and portable pen contains a target concentration of 425 mg THC. The THC distillate is housed in a stainless-steel chamber that withstands heating with no byproducts.

Product and patient safety is our priority. Our products do not contain vitamin E acetate or other additives – just THC. In addition to strict adherence to all regulatory guidelines, we hav

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