Blue Monday helps shine light on anxiety, insomnia

It’s dark, cold and your Christmas credit card bills are finally rolling in. It’s not surprising if you feel a little depressed today – it’s Blue Monday.

Today, the third Monday in January, is often called Blue Monday because it’s usually the day that people abandon their New Year’s resolutions, realize how much they spent over the holidays, and face another six weeks – at least – of winter in Canada.

Blue Monday might not be a scientific calculation, but the idea captures what many Canadians often feel this time of year: tired, anxious or depressed.

Ways to help alleviate these feelings include a balanced diet rich in nutrients, drinking plenty of water, and getting outside for some fresh air, vitamin D and exercise. But what if it’s not enough?

Researchers are beginning to investigate not only medical cannabis and pain, but also anxiety and insomnia. Visit the links below for more on this peer-reviewed research.