Focus on your health on International Self-Care Day

Today is your day to focus on your health. It’s International Self-Care Day and the perfect opportunity to identify what changes or activities in your life will lead to better health.

International Self-Care Day was first proposed in 2011 to promote self-care as a pivotal foundation of health and to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness. It’s a broad concept that includes hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, social and economic factors, and self-medication.

Self-care is often simple and can be broken down into seven pillars:

Health literacy: People can access and understand basic health information and services needed to make health-care decisions;

Self-awareness of physical and mental conditions: Know your body-mass index (BMI), cholesterol level, blood pressure, etc., by engaging in health screening;

Physical activity: Get moderate exercise, such as walking, bike riding or team sports, several times per week;

Healthy eating: nutritious, balanced diet with appropriate calorie intake;

Risk avoidance or mitigation: quit smoking, limit alcohol intake, get vaccinated and use sunscreen;

Good hygiene: wash your hands and brush your teeth;

Responsible use of products, services and medicine: be aware of dangers and use responsibly.

Many diseases linked to lifestyle, such as heart attack and diabetes, are preventable, making self-care an opportunity to not only improve your health, but also avoid illness in the future.

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