Jack Herer vs Jean Guy

Jack Herer vs Jean Guy. Two strains that have long been familiar to Tilray patients. On the surface, these two strains seem similar: both sativas, both mid-to-high THC producers. How to choose between them? If we take a closer look at them, we find broad differences that may help make that choice clear.


Jack Herer is a storied strain, named after a towering figure in cannabis activism. However, for such a well-known strain, its lineage is surprisingly mysterious. The most common lineage proposed for Jack is a cross of Haze, a sativa, with two indica strains, Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. This makes Jack Herer technically a hybrid, although it is sativa dominant and we thus categorize it as a sativa.

Jean Guy, on the other hand, is known to come from Montreal (thus the French name), and may actually be a variant of another more famous strain, White Widow. Although it is often classified as a sativa, it is also seen as a hybrid. According to our master horticulturist, Françoise, our own Jean Guy is actually an indica-leaning hybrid strain.


Although Jack Herer and Jean Guy are among our most vigorous strains, they do not produce the levels of potency as such strains as Rockstar or Island Sweet Skunk. That said, they produce consistently good levels of THC, with Jack Herer edging out Jean Guy by about 3%.


Looking beyond cannabinoid production, the terpene make-up of Jack and Jean shows just how different these strains are. Of the 8 terpenes we report on, Jack Herer is the clear winner for two: pinene and myrcene. Jack Herer's pinene level averages 0.369, compared to 0.031 for Jean Guy. Likewise, Jack's myrcene production of 0.612 stands head and shoulders above Jean's 0.066.

When it comes to the remaining terpenes, however, Jean Guy beats out Jack Herer on every one. In particular, Jean Guy's production of limonene, linalool and bisabolol far exceeds Jack Herer's.


With Jack Herer besting Jean Guy on cannabinoid production but Jean Guy countering with stronger terpene production, it becomes easier to pick between the two strains. Add to that the knowledge that Jack is a sativa hybrid while Jean Guy is a hybrid that leans more indica and the winner becomes clearer: it all depends on what you're looking for in a strain.