Welcome to Medical Cannabis Video Series: Expert Opinions on the Use of Medical Cannabis in Canada. This series of educational videos was developed via an unrestricted educational grant provided by Tilray Canada and in conjunction with some of Canada's most experienced physicians who are incorporating and using medical cannabis in their respective practices.

As you navigate your way through this educational hub, you will find topics commonly encountered by physicians when initiating medical cannabis. These topics are displayed as 16 individual vignettes, each with its own core focus. We encourage you to view them all, but you are welcome to tailor your learning to topics that are of interest to you.

Additionally, you will find five learning modules that were developed by each of our faculty members. These learning modules review the most important areas for physicians that are new to using medical cannabis such as:

Last, we have provided two full-length presentations from Dr. Danial Schecter, executive director of Cannabinoid Medical Clinic, and Philippe Lucas, vice-president, global patient research & access at Tilray. Both of these presentations provide an important perspective on the use of medical cannabis in two of most prevalent medical conditions: chronic pain and mental health. These comprehensive presentations will provide viewers an excellent approach to dealing with patients who suffer from these conditions.