New paper surveys Tilray patients’ patterns of medical cannabis use

Have you wondered how your fellow Tilray patients use medical cannabis?

A new research paper co-authored by Philippe Lucas, Tilray’s vice-president global patient research and access, shows just that.

In 2017, Tilray patients were asked to respond to an online survey of 239 questions on things like substitution of prescription medication, tobacco or illicit substances, as well as frequency and methods of use.

Lucas, with co-authors Eric P. Baron and Dr. Nick Jikomes, published the data in Harm Reduction Journal under the title: Medical cannabis patterns of use and substitution for opioids & other pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and illicit substances; results from a cross-sectional survey of authorized patients.

Some key findings:

  • Pain and mental health conditions accounted for 83.7% of all respondents
  • 74.6% of respondents reported daily cannabis use and mean amount used per day was 1.5 g
  • The most commonly cited substitution was for prescription drugs (69.1%), followed by alcohol (44.5%), tobacco (31.1%), and illicit substances (26.6%)
  • Opioid medications accounted for 35.3% of all prescription drug substitution, followed by antidepressants (21.5%)
  • Of the 610 mentions of specific opioid medications, patients report total cessation of use of 59.3%

You can read the full paper here.