Operation Nunalivut
On February 11th, two long-standing Tilray employees left Nanaimo to serve our country as part of the Canadian Armed Forces Operation Nunalivut 2017 in the Canadian arctic. According to the to the federal government, Operation Nunalivut is a sovereignty operation that has been conducted annually since 2007 and provides an opportunity for the Canadian Armed Forces to assert Canada’s sovereignty over its northernmost regions, demonstrate its ability to operate in remote areas of the arctic, and enhance its capability to respond to any situation in the Canada’s North, among other functions.

One of our team members, Nolan Vollmer, is currently a Production Technician and has been with Tilray since March 2014. Nolan has previously served 2 operations (in 2010 and 2012), completing a total of 6 exercises over the last 20 years. He calls himself a “part-time soldier” and specializes in high-frequency radio communications. The other team member travelling is Ryan Plamondon, who has been part of Tilray's Security Team since August 2015. This will be Ryan's first operation in the Canadian arctic and he expressed excitement at this unique and rare opportunity.

The challenges the arctic environment presents are many: from extreme weather and harsh environments (40 degrees below zero temperatures and high winds) to air travel difficulties, soldiers need to be prepared. Although damage to equipment is common, if something breaks, it is not easily replaced. In addition, satellite communications can be spotty above the 60th parallel (in the polar regions); the aurora Borealis can interfere with communications.

Tilray is proud to have active service members as well as veterans on our team. We strive to take care of our veterans as they've taken care of us. Here are some ways we're doing our part to help:
We wish Nolan and Ryan well and we extend our gratitude for their service on behalf of all Canadians!