Strain Profile: Jean Guy
Here in British Columbia, we like to think of ourselves as Canada’s cannabis leaders, and for good reason: so many of Canada’s top cannabis strains can trace their roots here, including several of Tilray’s leading strains like Barbara Bud, Black Tuna, and OG Shark, among others.

However, not all Canadian marijuana strains hail from BC. One of Tilray’s mainstays during the past year, Jean Guy, comes to us from Montreal, where its origins are somewhat mysterious. Some think that Jean Guy may be a variant of White Widow, while others believe it to be a cross of White Widow with Skunk.

Whatever its true lineage, this sativa-dominant strain is a favourite among our growing team at Tilray, in part because of its generous yields. Jean Guy’s complex terpene profile is led by trans-nerolidol. In addition Jean Guy also contains significant amounts of caryophyllene and humulene.

TerpeneDashboard_20150818_Jean Guy EN