Team Tilray: Amanda
Tilray's team includes an array of people in diverse roles, including horticulturists, quality assurance specialists and laboratory technicians. Learn more about Amanda, a technician in our Extracts Lab in today's Team Tilray feature.


Amanda Brunton: Video Transcript

My name’s Amanda Brunton. I’m a lab technician here for the extracts lab, and I focus mainly on purification.

I take unformulated oil and I pull all of the cannabinoids out of it.

I was interested in the lab when I first came here, but they didn’t have an opening at the time, so I ended up in horticulture.

And then when the extracts lab was getting busier, and more stuff going on, they put out the job position and they came and were like, “Hey, are you interested?” and I’m like, “Yeah, totally! I’ll apply! I’ve been wanting to work in the lab since I started here.”

So I love how precise you have to be, how much attention you have to pay to it. It’s a lot of fun.

I love Pokémon. It’s my number one love in life. Maybe my number two love, because my husband is my number one love. My number two love is Pokémon. You know, once that first game came out, I just got hooked and Nintendo has captured my heart. LAUGHS

What I’m doing here matters to someone else. Like, I’m not just kind of drudging away at a job that’s, whatever; I’m actually doing something that’s benefiting somebody else, alleviating their symptoms, making their day to day better. It’s a great, great feeling.