Team Tilray: Françoise Lévesque

Today we check in with our Master Horticulturist, Françoise Lévesque, a Quebec native who brings over 20 years of experience in horticulture to Tilray. Find out more about Françoise and her key role in the production of high-quality medical cannabis in today's Team Tilray video.

Video transcript: Françoise Lévesque, Master Horticulturist

I’m not somebody who likes to be too active, I am very active at work, I give a lot of energy already – so when I come home I really want it to be as relaxed as possible. We love walking by the water and we are very happy to be here because we can do this. Aside from that, a little music at times, I don’t have enough time to practice as much as wish, but we both like to either listen or play music.

My name is Françoise Lévesque; I’m the master horticulturist at Tilray. I have to look after the entire production program of medical cannabis. I really aim towards understanding every group of strains that we have in such a way that we know exactly how to approach the growing process, so that we can constantly deliver the same product. It’s not a plastic plant, there is variation, so to be able to narrow down the variation to the least amount of it would be a dream come true.

I am an agronomist and plant scientist and I worked in a large-scale industry for pretty much all my life. I worked mainly in production of conifers, it was for reforestation. It meant something, you know, it meant something that I sent 250 million little tree seedlings back to the forest. So in my life, it means something, I contributed to the effort. I think that what I did bring to Tilray is that experience of systematic learning, one thing at a time, with data-drive decisions. Not only, I want to grow a very healthy plant and I want to improve the biomass and I want it to be consistent in its potency, all of a sudden it means that I supply a product that helps other people. It’s the same way, when I come here and I look outside and I look at the ferry coming in, going out or else just the water, and Jeff is behind me playing music and I knit, I find it very contemplative and very relaxing.