Team Tilray: Katrina
Today, in keeping with World Arthritis Day, we present the story of one of our own who has been affected by arthritis, Katrina Marquez, Tilray's Patient Services Manager. A Tilray patient herself, Kat's sunny disposition in the face of rheumatoid arthritis has made her invaluable around the office. Learn more about Kat in today's Team Tilray feature.

If you'd like to learn more about current research into the use of medical cannabis for arthritis, have a look at our recent blog post.


Katrina Marquez: Video transcript
My name is Katrina Marquez and I’m the Patient Services Manager here at Tilray.

What I do is, I am in charge of patient registration, customer services and our 24-hour call centre as well.

My CSRs are in charge of answering phone calls and pushing the paper work through. The calls are mostly asking: Why Tilray? What are the steps required for them to get registered with Tilray?

I was the first customer service representative that was hired and I got switched over to the CSR Supervisor and I became the Patient Services Manager in March of this year.

What I love about Tilray is that I am surrounded by very brilliant people all the time and they are very passionate about their work, so everyday doesn’t matter if I’m dealing with technology or quality assurance I know that the people I am working with are very passionate about what they do and they have the patients in mind all the time as well.

At home I like to bake a lot actually. I have gotten very good at banana bread. Once I have collected enough black bananas I will make a batch for my team and IT as well. If they have banana bread often the day is a little bit better for them.

I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when I was about 13. I moved to Canada when I was around 18 years old and that’s when it switched over to RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

I get basically to talk to patients all the time that are suffering from the same condition. They are always telling us what strains work for them. I really like that.