Terpene Profile: Humulene
Terpenes are a group of essential oils secreted alongside cannabinoids like THC and CBD that are generally responsible for many of the distinguishing characteristics of different strains of medical cannabis. Humulene, one such terpene, is an isomer of ?-caryophyllene, meaning that they share the same chemical formula but differ in structure.

Like caryophyllene, it is found in many plants that are of value to humanity such as herbs and spices, but also including fruits, vegetables and some plants that are used in the brewing of beer. It is also found in cannabis, although generally in lower concentrations than terpenes such as myrcene or caryophyllene. In addition, it has also been the subject of much medical research. Below we present a small sample of current, peer-reviewed investigations of the medical potential of this terpene.

Medical Studies
Strains rich in this terpene