New product launch: Tilray All-in-One THC Vape Pen

Tilray’s new all-in-one THC Vape Pen provides fast-acting effects from THC.

The THC Vape Pen is an all-in-one device contains a broad spectrum, high-potency THC concentrate. No charging device, grinders or other tools needed – the vape pen is breath-activated, which means you simply inhale and wait five to 10 minutes for the cannabinoids to take effect.

We’re excited to offer our patients this high-potency THC vape pen as an additional fast-acting choice for their medical cannabis needs.

Each discrete and portable pen contains a target concentration of 425 mg THC. The THC distillate is housed in a stainless-steel chamber that withstands heating with no byproducts.

Product and patient safety is our priority. Our products do not contain vitamin E acetate or other additives – just THC. In addition to strict adherence to all regulatory guidelines, we have extensive R&D processes and rigorous quality assurance measures to ensure the quality of all our products.

It’s simple to use. The vape pen is breath-activated, so once unwrapped from its outer packaging, hold it to your mouth and inhale. The pen’s tip will light up, telling you that it’s working.

Introducing new cannabis products should be done cautiously with heavy emphasis on starting low and going slow to determine effects and your personal tolerance. 

Increase your dose by one inhalation every 15-30 minutes until desired effect is reached. Effects can last from two to four hours.

Patients who are inexperienced with THC should consult with their health-care practitioner before proceeding with a new format. As with any new medicine, your best direction should be from your healthcare practitioner.

The internal battery carries charge for up to 200 inhalations, but will vary from patient to patient. No external charger or power supply is required. Once the product is finished, please dispose of responsibly and according to your area’s waste program.

To view the THC Vape Pen in the Tilray Shop, click here.