The 3rd annual Movember winner is ...

And the winner is …

We won’t leave you in anticipation any longer! We’re excited to share that Tilray patient Stefan is the winner of our third annual Movember contest. Stefan was judged to have the best ‘stache from entries submitted through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Congratulations Stefan! Your prize pack of Tilray-branded gifts is on its way to you.

 1. Lanny McDonald Movember; 2. Sam Elliott Movember; 3. Tom Magnum Selleck Movember; and finally 4. Goofy Stefan Tilray Movember.The Movember campaign happens across the country each year in the 11th month, most notable for the efforts of men - and some creative women - to grow a mustache to help raise money and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.

Risk factors for prostate cancer rise rapidly after the age of 50, so it’s incredibly important to get tested regularly. Aside from age, which is the biggest risk for developing prostate cancer, other factors include family history and diet. But it’s still possible to develop prostate cancer when no risk factors are present & some men will live for years without symptoms, making regular testing all the more important. You can learn more at Prostate Cancer Canada.

We’d like to thank everyone who entered for not only participating, but also highlighting this issue among their social networks and spreading the message about testing and early detection with prostate cancer.

Here at Tilray, we held our annual internal Movember contest. Some of our best men showed up clean shaven on November 1 and raced to grow the best mo by the end of the month. When the team reached its $1,000 goal early, they kicked it up a notch: Tilray’s Aaron Buchholtz, research and special projects manager, volunteered to shave his beard and head if we hit the $5,000 mark on our fundraising.

We managed to raise more than $5,500 & eagerly await the results of shaving off a 10-year old beard!

You can see Aaron pre-Movember in his employee spotlight video