Tilray Supports Wounded Warrior Run BC 2017
For the second year in a row, Tilray is a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Run BC. This fund and awareness raiser features a team of dedicated Canadian military veterans affected by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and operational stress injuries relay-running the length of Vancouver Island for six consecutive days from Monday, 20 Feb 2017 through Sunday, 26 Feb 2017. The journey began last week in Port Hardy and ended Sunday in Victoria, covering in excess of 700 kilometres.

The runners arrived in Nanaimo following Friday's leg through the snow, before continuing on Saturday morning. Tilray welcomed them to Nanaimo on Friday evening, taking the opportunity to present the runners with a cheque for $5000 to support their efforts.

We're proud to support Wounded Warrior BC and we encourage you to support your local Wounded Warrior chapter. Learn more about them and the programs they operate to support veterans across Canada at their national website, woundedwarriors.ca