Tilray Way: Medical Cannabis Education

Tilray's Medical Outreach Team works with health care practitioners across Canada to help educate the medical community about the potential applications of medical cannabis. Tilray provides comprehensive resources to physicians and discusses practicalities surrounding medical cannabis such as dosage and ingestion methods. Learn more about medical cannabis education in today's video.

Video transcript:
At Tilray, we have a dedicated team focused on educating health care practitioners on the potential medical applications of cannabis. We’ve made amazing progress since opening our doors in 2014.

More physicians than ever are aware of the potential risks and benefits of medical cannabis in treating a variety of conditions and ailments. In spite of these great strides, there’s still work to be done. Many health care practitioners haven’t seen the evidence of medical cannabis as a treatment option. Tilray has developed comprehensive resources to educate medical practitioners. For instance, we direct practitioners to studies that examine the effects of cannabis in alleviating specific symptoms. And actual patient case studies provide practitioners with direct evidence of cannabis relieving patients’ symptoms. Then, our representatives are able to start a discussion with practitioners around dosage, ingestion options, and the characteristics of different strains.

Tilray is extremely proud of the extraordinary care and precision that go into each stage of our production and distribution processes. It aims to provide a pure, reliable and consistent product, which is critical for patient safety and predictability of treatment.

Building long-lasting relationships based on honesty, trust, and accessibility.It’s how we instil confidence in our product. It’s how we assure health care practitioners and their patients that Tilray is focused on support, supply and selection.

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