Versus: Sensi Star and Rockstar

Unfamiliar with our new flower variety, Sensi Star? Today we compare it to our core variety of Rockstar to assist in helping patients decide which variety will work for them.

Lineage and Morphology

The first similarity between Sensi Star and Rockstar is their cultivar: indica. Legend is that Sensi Star genetics originate from landrace Afghani and a sativa. Rockstar, was bred from both Sensi Star and Rock Bud, which are both indica varieties. You could say that Rockstar is to "Luke"  what Sensi Star is to "Vader".


When it comes to THC potency, our current batches of Sensi Star and Rockstar range between 21-23% THC.


Sensi Star and Rockstar share common characteristics. The high potency as well as the indica classification mean that both of these varieties are appropriate for evening use.

Proper sleep, nutrition and staying active are key to good health and warding off seasonal illness. For a collection of peer-reviewed studies on sleep and medical cannabis, check out this previous blog post: Medical Cannabis and Sleep.