Whole flower profile: Wappa

When you open a jar of Wappa, you’ll likely get notes of tropical fruit among the scent of the dried cannabis.

This smell comes from the terpenes, also known as essential oils, present in the whole flower. Patients describe Wappa as having a deep fruit aroma.

The lineage of this variety originated in Holland more than a decade ago. Growers combined sweet skunk varieties to create the Wappa we have today. 

Wappa has won awards for growers for its trichome-rich structure.

This variety also contains a high amount of THC content, which is what patients with pain and insomnia often seek out for relief from their symptoms. Wappa, a hybrid, is a popular choice among these patient groups.

We’re excited to provide approved Tilray patients access to additional varieties of medical cannabis. You'll find Wappa in the Tilray Shop.