Research highlights support needed for men's mental health

It’s a silent crisis, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

In Canada, four out of five suicides are committed by men. Approximately 10% of men suffer from some form of mental illness. Although that statistic is similar for women (11%), men are much less likely to seek treatment for their illness.

Men’s Health Week (June 10-17) aims to overcome the stigma of mental illness by shining light on what prevents our brothers, fathers, husbands, colleagues and friends from seeking help.

“We have inculcated a culture in our society that men have to be tough, men have to be strong,” says Dr. Dr. Don McCreary, co-chair of Toronto Men’s Health Network, on CMHA’s website. “Weakness is not considered to be masculine.”

Raising awareness is the first step to changing this pattern and reducing the stigma men may face when asking

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