Tilray supports new study on medical cannabis use in patients over 50 years old

People over 50 years of age are one of the fastest-growing demographics turning to medical cannabis as a treatment option, yet little is known about how they’re using it.

To fill that gap, researchers from Tilray Canada have teamed up with a physician to study medical cannabis use in older patients.

Tilray’s Philippe Lucas, vice-president of global patient research and access, and Kaye Ong, clinical research manager, partnered with Dr. Blake Pearson, founder and chief medical advisor for Greenly Health, launched the Medical Cannabis in Older Patients study earlier this week. The researchers aim to learn more about how the medical use of cannabis affects treatment outcomes in older patients by examining the impact of medical cannabis on chronic pain, sleep, and quality of life in patients over 50 years of age.

Although research suggests that older patients represent one of the fastest-growing groups turning to medical cannabis as a treatment option, little is

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