Today, like every December 1 since 1988, is World AIDS Day, a day to show support for the over 36 million people living with HIV worldwide as well as remember those we’ve lost in this global pandemic. While antiretroviral medication has made significant advances in the last three decades, there is still much work to be done. For those living with AIDS, medical cannabis has been a mainstay used in combination with antiviral therapy. AIDS patients self-report using medical cannabis for a variety of reasons, from appetite stimulation to anxiety. Many of these conditions are now under scientific investigation.
Raising the #WorldAIDSDay Flag on Parliament Hill today.

Raising the #WorldAIDSDay Flag on Parliament Hill today.

Medical Cannabis and AIDS: Research

Below is a small sample of current research into the use of medical cannabis to treat symptoms of AIDS.

Cannabis Use by Persons Living with HIV/AIDS: Patterns and Prevalence of Use
Cannabis Use in HIV for Pain and Other Medical Symptoms Marijuana Use and Its Association With Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among HIV-Infected Persons With Moderate to Severe Nausea
The medical use of cannabis for reducing morbidity and mortality in patients with HIV/AIDS
Patterns of Marijuana Use Among Patients With HIV/AIDS Followed in a Public Health Care Setting