Over the last couple of weeks, many of our patients have noticed a change in the packaging that Tilray uses to ship out medical cannabis. In response to feedback regarding our previous bags for medical cannabis, we’ve begun delivering our medical cannabis in bags from Stink Sack.

These lightweight, new bags offer consumers quite a few advantages. Here are some features that benefit our patients:
  • Stink Sack bags are airtight.
    • With an airtight seal, odours don’t escape, making receiving your orders much more discreet.
    • They also seal in humidity, so your medical cannabis arrives just as fresh as when it was packed.
  • Our new bags are childproof and resealable.
  • The new bags are opaque and protect your medical cannabis from harmful UV rays.
  • The bags are made of propylene (a food-safe plastic) and are recyclable through many curbside programs.

Have any questions or comments about our new packaging? As always, we encourage you to let us know either by sending us an email to tilray@tilray.ca or calling us at 1-844-TILRAY1 (845-7291).