We’re excited to share with patients the launch of our new Tilray T300 Drops.

T300 Drops have been reformulated to create a higher-THC cannabis oil. In our GMP-certified facility, our cultivars undergo an advanced cold-extraction process that helps preserve the plant’s delicate cannabinoid content. This blended cannabis oil contains a higher amount of THC than previous formulations, with our T300 Drops containing a target concentration of 25 mg/mL, or a total of 1000 mg of THC per 40 mL bottle.

In addition to the T300 Drops, Tilray will also offer patients two more varieties of new cannabis oil extracts, including our TC200 Drops, which contain a target concentration of 10 mg/mL of THC and 10 mg/mL of CBD, and our CBD-dominant C100+T Drops, which contain a target concentration of 5 mg/mL of THC and 20 mg/mL of CBD.

In addition, all Tilray Drops are now available in an increased fill of 40 mL per bottle, an added value that will help patients maintain a consistent supply and facilitate regular dosing of their medical cannabis.

For more information on these products, please call our Patient Services team toll-free at 1-844-845-7291 or email tilray@tilray.ca.