At Tilray, we’re constantly looking for ways to better educate and inform our patients about medical cannabis. Part of being a medical cannabis patient is knowing how to properly store your medical cannabis, knowing different ingestion methods, and how to properly maintain whatever equipment you use for ingestion. Today we’re rolling out a new series sharing insights from our employees on all of these and more. Keep reading below for the first of many Tilray Tips to come.

Tip: Maintaining hydration or re-hydrating dried-out cannabis flowers


Keeping your medical marijuana properly hydrated is key to ensuring smooth ingestion through vaporization or smoking.  Unfortunately, buds have a tendency to dry out during the warm summer months, become brittle and changing in quality. A great solution to avoid this withering during the summer heat is to place your Tilray-provided bag of cannabis in a jar, add a small fresh leaf from a non-toxic plant and leave overnight.  The next day, remove the leaf if the moisture content is at desired level, otherwise repeat as necessary.

The way this works is that humidity levels always seek equilibrium, so the moisture from the leaf will raise the level in the dried cannabis flower.

Note:  Always store your Tilray cannabis in its original child-resistant packaging.