Today in the Tilray Shop, you’ll see new labels on our suite of high-CBD, high-THC and CBD-THC balanced cannabis oils.

CBD-dominant products are labeled in blue, while THC-dominant products are labelled in orange. Balanced THC-CBD products are indicated with a silver label. Target cannabinoid content is stated in bold letters on the front of the package, always beginning with THC concentration.

The new labels are a simplified way for Tilray patients to immediately see the dominant cannabinoid concentration. To reduce confusion, you’ll see images of the old and new labels side-by-side in the store for the next few weeks as we launch the new labels on our Capsules and whole flower products.

In addition, the equivalency allotment has changed. Cannabis oil with the new labels will count 5 grams toward your monthly allotment, reduced from 11 grams previously, to allow patients access to the products they need.

What has not changed is the formulation. Your preferred products are still available in their familiar form: C100+T is now 5:20; TC200 is now 10:10; and T300 is now 25:0.

For more on Tilray extracts, please click here. If you have questions, please call our Patient Services team toll-free at 1-844-TILRAY1.