It seems hard to believe, but Labour Day weekend is upon us already! As most of us enjoy a three-day weekend, we get to fire up the barbecue one last time to celebrate the end of summer and some much-needed time off. Whether you’re having burgers, hot dogs or kabobs, it’s always good to leave a little room for dessert! And as long as the grill is on, why not use it to make that dessert?
Grilling is a great way to bring out flavours in late summer fruit like peaches, nectarines or plums. It also works well for tropical fruit such as mangoes. Top the fruit with some sweetened ricotta cheese and you have a simple but satisfying treat. If you so choose, this recipe can be made with Tilray Drops to yield a potency of approximately 10 mg of active cannabinoids per serving (2 tablespoons).*


Grilled Fruit with Honey-Sweetened Ricotta Cheese

  • 8 peaches or nectarines, cut in half and pitted
  • Cooking oil with a neutral flavour, such as vegetable, grapeseed or canola
  • For the topping
    • A 250 g tub of ricotta cheese
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • Honey, to taste
    • 5 mL Tilray Drops*
  1. Brush the cut sides of the fruit with oil. Place the fruit cut side down on a preheated grill.
  2. Grill at high heat for 3 minutes. Turn the fruit one quarter turn and grill for 3 more minutes. Remove from grill.
  3. In a bowl, mix together the ricotta, vanilla and the Tilray Drops.
  4. Add honey and stir until incorporated. Taste. Repeat if needed.
  5. Serve each grilled fruit half with a tablespoon of the ricotta cheese.
*Before you start cooking with cannabis extracts, always determine the dose that is appropriate for you and adjust the recipe as needed. As appropriate dosage varies from person to person, it is important to speak to your physician to find out what is right for you.