To say the origins of Bubba Kush are nebulous is an understatement. Many sources trace the strain to the famous neighbourhood of Silver Lake, in Los Angeles, California in the 1990s, where a grower named Bubba inadvertently crossed a Northern Lights descendant with a Kush. He named the resulting cross after himself.

A different account of Bubba Kush’s origin also involves a breeder named Bubba in Los Angeles. This Bubba had developed a strain that he himself called Kush, but which was not itself from the Hindu Kush mountains. He similarly crossed his own Kush with a variant of Northern Lights by accident, when the Kush pollinated the Northern Lights plant.

A different origin story lacks a man named Bubba, but retains Kush as a parent strain, albeit with an unknown second indica parent. It also retains the West Coast of the United States as Bubba Kush’s place of origin. Yet another story makes Bubba Kush’s parent strains Bubble Gum and OG Kush or Afghani.

What do all these stories have in common? For one, Bubba Kush is always the offspring of two other indica strains, making it an indica strain itself. Each of the stories also mentions how growers enjoy working with the stocky, robust plant and how it gives generous yields—each of these is true from our experience with Bubba Kush. We’ve had a great harvest and are still testing our own Bubba Kush for cannabinoids and terpenes. Tilray patients can expect to see it in the Shop very soon! If you’re a registered Tilray patient and you’d like to receive email updates on product availability, click here.