At Tilray, nurturing high-quality cannabis plants and cultivating the personal growth of our employees go hand-in-hand. We are committed to investing in the development of the people who make Tilray flourish. Meet Aaron, an Alberta native and our senior lab supervisor. Like others at Tilray, Aaron has worked in several different positions with us while pursuing his interests. Learn about Aaron in today’s Team Tilray feature.

Aaron Buchholtz: Video Transcript

I’m Aaron Buchholtz, the senior lab supervisor here at Tilray. My job entails the extraction, refinement and formulation of MMPR drug products, clinical products and R&D products. I organize labour, materials, set up planning and perform the actual extractions and day-to-day functions in the lab.

I started out trimming in the manufacturing side and then worked my way through to be one of the first packaging personnel as well as one of the first shipping personnel. And then I moved from production into quality assurance as the first QA assistant and then moved up to be the senior quality assurance supervisor and then moved on into the lab after that.

It feels really good knowing that there’s a large space to grow inside the company and they take your passion into consideration when they’re finding your place in the company.

Outside of work I enjoy 4x4ing.

I like working inside the lab because, especially in the clinical trials, it’s pushing the information forward in the industry and allowing people to present it as a legitimate medical use. Everybody here is extremely passionate about what they do. You can really see it in people in the day-to-day functions that they really enjoy doing what they do.