As Tilray grows, our team has grown with it, bringing people from far and wide to Nanaimo. Some of us, though, have been in Nanaimo from the beginning. Sten Lundgren is a born and bred Nanaimoite who has been part of Team Tilray since the early days and has worked in several different positions with the company. Learn more about Sten in today’s Team Tilray feature.

Sten Lundgren: Video Transcript
My name is Sten Lundgren. I’m a quality control laboratory technician at Tilray.

I help prepare samples and run the tests for potency, aflatoxin and heavy metal, as well as do some work with research and development.

I’ll get samples brought up to me, to the lab and prepare them and run them through the tests and get results for labelling.

I started in security; from there, I moved into the production side and worked in pretty much all aspects of production.

From there, I worked my way into the lab and became a laboratory technician.

Born and raised in Nanaimo; great to have a job like this in town, where you don’t have to move away and lose all those connections; family and friends.

Lacrosse is huge in my family. I’ve played forever and my dad was a big lacrosse player in the 70s and 80s and he passed the torch along to us.

I couldn’t imagine life without it.

Lacrosse is a team game and here you have to work as part of a team or nothing gets done.

The people are definitely the best part of this job.

It’s great to come in and work with people from all walks of life.

They’ve all got a certain knowledge to lend and they’ve taught me a lot.