On Wednesday, September 14, Tilray is joining over 150 policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs, and activists gathering in Dublin, Ireland for the Global Medical Cannabis Summit. The summit is an international conference focused on the future of Europe’s growing medical cannabis industry. Tilray is a sponsor of the Global Medical Cannabis Summit, and is committed to advancing our knowledge of medical cannabis. We’re proud to support events that allow for diverse and impactful discussions about the subject.

The summit is curated by VolteFace, an innovation hub for drug policy reform based in the United Kingdom and Help Not Harm, an Irish advocacy campaign. The event will feature four separate panels featuring 14 of the world’s leading medical cannabis experts. Each panel will address one of four themes relevant to the future of medical cannabis in Europe and the world: science, policy, advocacy, and business.

Presenting on panels at the summit for Tilray will be Dr. Catherine Jacobson, our Director of Clinical Research. Dr. Jacobson will be speaking on a morning panel titled “Scientific Breakthroughs in Medical Cannabis Research.” A PhD neuroscientist, Dr. Jacobson was recently featured on the US’ PBS NewsHour in a segment about advancements in our knowledge of medical cannabis.