At Tilray, we take pride in our broad collection of medical cannabis cultivars, or strains, grown using industry-leading techniques. Each strain we produce is rigorously tested to be free of mould and contaminants. Spearheading the effort to produce the best product we can for our patients is our Quality Assurance team. Learn more about Tilray’s quality assurance efforts in the today’s video.

Video transcript:
The body of clinically tested evidence supporting the efficacy of medical cannabis is growing rapidly, and lending solid scientific support to hundreds of thousands of anecdotal accounts. Tilray has positioned itself on the leading edge of these efforts to advance knowledge of the benefits of medical cannabis. We continue to make major investments in laboratory instruments to facilitate in-house testing and research. This has resulted, for example, in the expansion of our procedures to include testing for terpenes such as limonene and pinene, as well as cannabinoids, such as CBDD, CBG, and CBC.

In addition, our team of scientists and lab technicians has teamed with the nation’s top universities to forward the overall research agenda for medical cannabis. Our internal efforts have resulted in our offering a wide selection of distinct medical cannabis strains. Each batch is thoroughly tested for any possible microbial, heavy metal or pesticide contamination. No batch is released for sale until test results are finalized and approved. The concentrations of THC and CBD are precisely determined for every batch, giving patients and health care practitioners confidence in reliable dosage and effect.

Our meticulous cultivation methods adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMP, the very highest standard used by the pharmaceutical industry and by other producers of goods intended for human consumption.

Education, understanding, safety and commitment to excellence. Tilray: cultivating confidence.