Producing medical cannabis for a large patient base involves more than just growing and harvesting cannabis plants. Keeping our facility in top condition is just as much of a priority for us at Tilray. Learn more about the important work of sanitation in this installment of our Tilray Way series.
Maintaining Tilray’s position as a leading producer of medical cannabis in Canada requires meticulous standards be met at every step of the production process.

No better example of this meticulousness can be found than in the sanitation procedures followed throughout the facility.
Video Transcript

During the growing process, anyone entering a cultivation room is required to put on a complete clean suit, consisting of hair and beard nets, sanitized gloves, a full body suit and booties.

Additionally, each room has its own exclusive set of tools and cleaning supplies, in order to prevent contamination.

Sanitation logs are kept outside every room and regularly reviewed internally and by regulators to ensure sanitation quality standards.

After harvest, the team devotes four to six hours deep cleaning every container and work surface, from floor to ceiling. Next, the room is sealed and filled with a sanitizing fog that penetrates every crevice, neutralizing undesirable biological impurities while deodorizing the environment.

Only through such procedures can we ensure the highest quality and absolute consistency patients and healthcare practitioners deserve.

Tilray: Cultivating Confidence.