Two years ago this week, we opened our doors and made our first shipment of medical cannabis. As we look back at the time that has passed, it’s heartening to think of the strides we’ve made.

We might call our first year of operations the year of Pink Kush—it was our most popular strain across Canada, holding the top spot among patient orders in such cities as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary. During our second year, Master Kush took over the top spot in all but one of those cities and claimed the number one spot among patients in Vancouver. Toronto and Edmonton, on the other hand, preferred the ever-popular White Widow. Across the country, hybrid, indica, sativa and high-CBD strains were all well represented in both years in all areas. Since our launch, we’ve offered many Canadian strains of cannabis, such as Barbara Bud, Jean Guy and Black Tuna. Early on, we also decided to focus on having a broad offering of high-CBD strains.

jar-4oz-house-blend-sativa (1) Innovation has been a key motivation for our production team, and while we started out offering only dried, whole-flower strains, in late 2014, we introduced one of our most popular family of items, Tilray House Blends, curated mixes of milled product from each of our 4 cultivars, hybrid, indica, sativa and CBD. In late 2015, we added limited-edition offerings to our House Blends collection based not on strain categories, but on terpenes. So far, Pinene, Limonene and Linalool House Blends have been available in our Shop, with more to come in the near future.

I-C-H Drops Fan Summer 2015 brought a momentous Supreme Court ruling that legalized the possession of medical cannabis extracts for patients nationwide. For us at Tilray, this presented an exciting opportunity to offer extracts products, starting with our cannabis oil Tilray Drops, made using CO2 extraction. Tilray Drops are pre-decarboxylated for ease of consumption and make dosing easy. So far, patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with our two varieties of CBD drops garnering the most praise.

As we begin our third year of operations, we look forward to new strains, in addition to the return of old friends like Blueberry and Watermelon. New products will also be joining our family of offerings. We’ve been very lucky to have the patients that we do, and we’re especially grateful to those who’ve decided to share their stories with us and the community at large. We’re also grateful to our hometown of Nanaimo, British Columbia, and look forward to continuing to be a part of a fantastic community in the coming years.