The Tilray suite of cannabis extract products includes different formulations and methods of use. Below are some considerations for patients who may be new to using extracts.

Dosing & Safety

Patients should always follow their physician’s dosing instructions, and should be sure not to exceed the amount recommended by their physician.

As a general guideline, when first using an extract product, patients should take the smallest possible dose and wait 90 minutes for onset and potentially longer to determine peak effect. Unlike inhalation, cannabis extracts are processed through the liver, so the onset of effects takes longer. However, the duration of the effects is longer as well.

The key is to start low and go slow.

We provide an equivalency factor for each extract product, but this should only be used for the purpose of determining your monthly allotment of cannabis extract products, and should not be relied upon for dosing decisions.

Each dose has the potential to affect a patient differently, depending on whether the patient takes the medication on a full or empty stomach. For a consistent and reliable effect, it is recommended to take the medication at the same time and under the same conditions each day.

Store cannabis oils at room temperature, in a safe location out of the reach of children.


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