THC Variety Tilray Bundle

$ 151.50

THC: 22.5-24.4% II 425 mg / CBD: <1 mg

Levels vary by lot

Save 10% when you purchase the THC Variety Tilray Bundle. Designed to offer a variety of inhalation methods to patients seeking high-THC products. The bundle includes:

  • 2 units (6 pre-rolls) High-THC Pre-Rolls
  • 1 5-gram jar of Mango 24.4% THC
  • 1 All-in-One THC Vape Pen

10% discount applied at checkout. Cannot be combined with patient program discounts.

THC & CBD levels vary by lot

Pre-rolls, 1 jar Mango & 1 THC Vape Pen.

10% discount at checkout

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Cultivar Hybrid
THC/CBD 22.5-24.4% THC; 425 mg THC II <1 mg CBD
The strain information is based upon anecdotal reports which are presented for information purposes only and does not constitute a representation as to the efficacy of any particular Tilray Product. Please consult your health care practitioner for more information.
Tilray's Cannabis Packaging address to Health Canada's child-resistance guidelines and may vary in appearance from what is displayed online.
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High-THC Pre-Rolls   + $ 19.50
THC Vape Pen   + $ 55.00
Mango   + $ 57.50

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THC Variety Tilray Bundle
THC Variety Tilray Bundle

In stock

$ 151.50


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