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Tilray 2:100 is a whole-plant extract with a target concentration of 2 mg/mL THC and 100 mg/mL CBD. This product comes in a 40 mL bottle with a target content of 80 mg THC and 4,000 mg CBD. Each bottle comes with a measured dropper to assist with dosing; an oral dosing kit is also available free of charge.

To calculate monthly allotment, each 2:100 is equivalent to 20 grams of whole flower.

Carrier oil is coconut oil.

Compared to inhaled forms of cannabis, orally ingested cannabis preparations typically result in slower onset and longer-lasting effects. For best results, take this product at the same time every day, with food. Having food in the stomach will help improve the absorption of CBD. Effects from orally ingested Tilray 2:100 may begin within 40-60 minutes after ingestion and may last for 6-10 hours. Effects from Tilray 2:100 may occur days to weeks after beginning treatment and is dose-dependent.

This product contains high levels of CBD. To find out if this product may be appropriate for you, speak to your physician. Pediatric patients will receive priority access to this product with an approved referral from an epileptologist, neurologist or pediatrician.

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