Talking to your health care practitioner

The authorization of a health care practitioner is required to receive medical cannabis. The information here is intended to aid in making the most of your medical appointment.

Getting your Medical Document authorized

Canada’s new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) give your health care practitioner broader discretion in determining if medical cannabis is safe and appropriate for you.

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Cannabis is not for everyone. Some physical or psychological conditions increase the risk of adverse effects. In general, cannabis should not be prescribed to:

Patients with severe cardiopulmonary disease
Patients with severe liver or renal disease
Patients with a personal history of psychiatric disorders (especially schizophrenia)
Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
Patients who have a history of substance abuse
Patients with respiratory problems such as asthma, unless they choose alternatives to smoking
Patients taking drugs that slow down the central nervous system, including sleeping pills, tranquilizers, some pain medications, some antihistamines or cold medications, and seizure medications
Patients taking antiviral drugs used in the treatment of AIDS

For more precautions, visit Benefit Safely

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