Tilray Extracts vs Homemade


Since we launched the first of our Tilray Extracts products, Drops, we’ve received plenty of questions about them, from dosing to flavour, to how they’re made and more. One question that comes up frequently is how Tilray’s extracts are different from those you can make at home using your own oil or butter and dried cannabis.

While making extracts at home can be rewarding, the end result is not quite the same as the extracts produced in our facility. Below are some key differences that show just how different they are.

  • Precision. Our extraction process uses a precise, multi-step extraction process that maximizes the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes, while removing undesirable compounds such as chlorophyll, pigments, tannins, waxes, and other compounds that can affect taste, smell, and consistency. This results in a cleaner, more consistent product.
  • Quality control. All of our starting materials, including the cannabis, as well as any solvents such as CO2 or alcohol, are quality control tested to ensure that they contain no impurities or contaminants.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices. All of our extraction methods are carried out under Good Manufacturing Practices, which includes clear sanitation procedures as well as other Standard Operating Procedures to ensure consistent end products.
  • Efficiency. Many home extractions use natural oils, such as olive oil or grape seed oil to carry out the extraction itself. This method is much less efficient than either ethanol or CO2 extraction, and also can also pull out many undesirable compounds that can impact flavour and aroma.
  • Purity. Every batch of product made at Tilray is quality control tested to ensure there are no chemical contaminants such as heavy metals, aflatoxin (from fungi), or microbes.
  • Consistency. Each batch is formulated to a very specific potency, and each batch is tested to confirm the potency. This information is provided on the label, so the patient knows exactly what they are consuming. No guesswork like with home extractions.

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