New product labels

New look, same great quality Tilray products.

With the introduction of the Cannabis Act on October 17, 2018, all Licensed Producers of cannabis were given six months to comply with new labels requirements, as set out by Health Canada.

What do these new label requirements mean for you? A slightly new look and feel to your Tilray medicine, but the same quality Tilray products and ingredients. 

Below is a breakdown of our new product label elements, which you can expect to see over the next few weeks:

1. Cannabis symbol: The “stop sign” will now appear on all cannabis products containing THC in a concentration greater than 10 micrograms. Please note this symbol will not indicate the level of THC in your products, please always refer to cannabinoid content (number 4)
2. Product name and cultivar: “2:100 CBD” – CBD indicates this is an CBD-dominant product. THC in the name would indicate a THC-dominant product.
3. Brand: Our familiar logo
4. Cannabinoid content: “Total THC/CBD” refers to the amounts of cannabinoids that could exist in your product.
5. Warning: A yellow warning label (with mandated messages from the Government of Canada) is required on all cannabis packaging. We also include a child safety warning (see #10).
6. Cannabis class: The product form-factor - oil, capsules, dried whole flower or ground cannabis.
7. Weight and volume: Health Canada allows for weight variances of up to 10% for up to 2-gram packages and 5% for larger packages.
8. Expiry: Expected expiry date (or that no expiry date is determined).
9. Lot number and packaging date: To assist with tracking, this area refers to a quantity, or “lot” of products, as well as the date your product was packaged.
10. Recommended storage conditions.
11. Opening instructions.
12. Contact information: Here you will find our 24/7 patient support services toll-free number and email.

Label colours

Tilray’s easy-to-understand cannabinoid-based colour coding will not change.

  • THC-dominant products will still be indicated by the colour orange
  • CBD-dominant products will be easily recognized by the colour blue
  • Balanced products will be categorized by the colour grey or silver.

A special note about legal proof of patient status:

As of October 17, 2018, cannabis has been legalized for adult-use in Canada.  As a result of the changing regulations, you are no longer required to prove a medical exemption in order to carry cannabis products up to 30 grams. As a medical patient, you are permitted to carry 30 times your daily allotment, up to a maximum of 150 grams.

The new regulations no longer require Licensed Producers to affix a label with patient and prescription information. To accommodate the new required warning labels, Tilray will no longer affix a patient label to each jar or bottle of medical cannabis. You will still see your patient label on your shipping document and the inner vacuum seal bag in each order.

Should you need to prove your status to law enforcement in this regard, our patient services team is available 24/7 to confirm your status and provide them with the amount you are legally allowed to carry. Just call 1-844-TILRAY1 (845-7291).