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World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day, a day during which the entirety of humanity reflects on the terrible losses we collectively suffer to cancer every day. Cancer has affected us all in one way or another, from the illness or death of relatives or friends to the loss of world-famous and beloved figures such as David […] Read more »

Strain Profile: Warlock CBD

Warlock CBD is a high-CBD variant of the indica strain Warlock, which itself descends from two famous strains, the hybrid strain Skunk #1 and the indica strain, Afghani. In order to raise its production of the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol), Warlock was crossed with Cannatonic, yielding Warlock CBD. High-CBD strains are popular among medical users who […] Read more »

Recipe: Meyer Lemon Curd

While January brings little in the way of fresh fruit in the Northern Hemisphere, what it does bring is a bounty of citrus. Oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tangerines—the list goes on and on. One of our favourites is the Meyer lemon, a naturally occurring hybrid of an orange and a lemon that offers the sweet fragrance […] Read more »

Tilray Way: Quality Assurance

At Tilray, we take pride in our broad collection of medical cannabis cultivars, or strains, grown using industry-leading techniques. Each strain we produce is rigorously tested to be free of mould and contaminants. Spearheading the effort to produce the best product we can for our patients is our Quality Assurance team. Learn more about Tilray’s […] Read more »

Update: Tilray Accessories

In addition to our large selection of medical cannabis strains, Tilray also offers an ever-growing collection of accessories for our patients. Here’s a list of what’s currently available for purchase: Apparel Scarf & Toque Kit T-shirts Cannatonic OG Shark Rockstar Sour Diesel Cannabis Accessories DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer Tilray-branded Grinder We’ll constantly be adding to our […] Read more »

Tilray Update: Cannabinoid Testing

At Tilray, we take our responsibility as a Licensed Producer of medical cannabis seriously. Every strain we produce is grown using the strictest quality control methods and must pass rigorous testing before it finds its way to our patients. In addition to being tested for the presence of biological and chemical impurities, all Tilray strains […] Read more »