Tilray All-in-One THC Vape Pen: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Tilray’s new All-in-One THC Vape Pen based on common questions asked by patients like you.

What’s in the Tilray All-in-One THC Vape Pen?

High-potency THC distillate. No added flavours, dilutents, vitamin E acetate or carrier oils – just broad-spectrum high-THC extract.

Distillate is a translucent oil without waxes or other undesirable byproducts of the original plant. Distillate concentrates are made through an extensive refinement process that separates compounds from cannabis plant matter. Distillates have a neutral taste and scent, which some patients appreciate.

The hardware is designed by Jupiter, one of the largest suppliers of vape hardware to the global market, and selected for its proven in-market safety and consumer experiences. The hardware is manufactured in China and then filled & packaged at our state-of-the-art facilities in Canada.

Which cannabis varieties do you use to make THC dis

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